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Making your own custom plug for a wiring harness? Answered

I have always wondered whether it would be possible to make your own custom plugs for wiring harnesses, similar to the ones used in automotive wiring such as in car stereos. The use of multiple wires is very common in projects, It would be much better to have wires organized into a harness with a plug rather than just multiple random spade connectors.
My main aim is to use these harnesses for car add-ons for which wiring harnesses and/or plugs cannot be supplied.
Thanks for all the help!



4 years ago

Thanks for all the replies, I can assure you that I didn't know about any of the options which you outlined, and I'm sure that all of them will come in handy in due time.

At this point, what I need is to be able to make a custom plug for an appliance which I have. This is a an accessory for my car, which came with 2 spade connectors fixed into the housing. What I was actually wondering is whether I could somehow create/mold a plug that fits into the housing, making the connection neater rather than having 2 spade connectors separate from each other.

If the way to do this is by molding a plug by using the housing of the appliance as a template, any help would be highly appreciated since I have no experience with molding whatsoever.

Thanks to all!

"Molex" makes kits for easily assembling multi-conductor connectors with a variety of terminal sizes & styles (solder or crimp-and-poke) and connector body configurations (plug, socket, panel mount, polarized, keyed). They are available from many electronic component suppliers (e.g. Newark Electronics in the US, which is part of Farnell in the UK). There are also weather-proof connector systems available for exterior or "under-the-hood" applications.

I agree with the general consensus so far of don't reinvent the wheel. There are all kinds of off the shelf connectors that can be used. The only reason to make a custom plug such as in a car stereo would be that if someone needed to replace the connector they would have to come to you and pay your price. That being said the other side of it depends on your resources. Do you have any way to mold plastic to a shape you want. if so you could simply mold your plug and socket designs and insert spade connectors, or pins and sockets, or whatever else. There is no limit to creativity except ability and resources. I have seen little plastic pellets at Radio Shack that melt easily and can be molded. you can also check out Alumalite


there are lots of standard multiway plugs for automotive loom. In the UK, there is agreat site called 'VWP.CO.UK'

If you Google this

Wire Harness Housing Crimp Terminal Header Connectors

You will get all kinds of connectors and harnesses.