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Manually controlling keyboard? Answered

I am looking to control a keyboard using output from another computer.
The output must control the other computer by the keyboard.
or send keyboard strokes through the wireless keyboard adapter.
I can not control second computer by a program, ethernet, or usb direct cable.
I might be able to use usb if the imput show as if its a keyboard.
I can use old style keyboard ps/2 or usb.
I,m trying to control a computer that is on a VPN and it wont allow and connection or
programs running like I mentioned.
I could get by only controlling the mouse of the other computer from the frist.


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klee27x (author)2013-09-25

Yeah, an Arduino will do it pretty easy.

If you only need a limited number of keyboard inputs, it's also possible to hack a keyboard. If you crack open a USB keyboard, you'll find there are 12-15 or so inputs on keyboard processor. Signals are relayed between two of these points when the membranes under a key are pressed together. If you trace out the keys you need, you can wire these inputs up with optocouplers. You would need one optocoupler for each key press you are interested in, so this is only practical if you need a limited number of key presses.

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jduffy54 (author)2013-09-22

Use an arduino micro. If you need direct control, it's just a matter of writing a processing code that runs on the first computer, otherwise the micro can imitate a keyboard and mouse simultaneously, and wil no mucking around in protocols or anything, just a single line of code. They're even avaliable in Radioshack for $30.

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artworker (author)2013-09-22

Doing it ible style and having fun!
Use 108 servos to control a 108 key keyboard. Circuit is easy.

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verence (author)2013-09-22

You'd probably need a microcontroller as man in the middle. The PS2 protocol is quite simple. Don't know about USB. Tricky thing is, you can't just send the letter A to a program, you will have to send the scan codes for Shift-Pressed, Key-A-Pressed, Key-A-Released, Shift-Released. And you will have to know the scan code of the key with the A - that depends on the active keyboard layout. And as mpilchfamily said, without more detail, your request is a bit on the shady side.

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mpilchfamily (author)2013-09-21

Are you trying to get around security measures on the VPN? This sounds a little shady to me.

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