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Marketing critique requested. How would you SEO/adwords my business? Answered

Hello Everyone.

I love this community, as its helped me out a number of times in the past year. So I got to thinking, perhaps there are a few social media/SEO folks lurking about....

I build Musical Furniture, and have for quite some time. I've used adwords, art festivals, physical post cards, and the most successful... youtube videos (over 200,000 views).

Currently, I only use a website, etsy as a store, youtube hits, and mailchimp to manage about 1200 newsletter readers.

I was wanting to do more. I was dreaming of a flexible adwords campaign that could help me in slow times. I'm a one man shop and tired of uneven orders.

I'm open to any and all critique. Let me have it.


Thanks! Tor




Best Answer 5 years ago

You say your biggest conversion is from youtube; I can see how that works, my channel gets hundreds of thousands of views...

A few things to keep people coming back, and eventually converting them to sales:

-Put up content regularly
-Include reminders for people to like, subscribe, and comment -- because people interacting with your videos cause you to raise in the feature popularity, causing you to get more views intrinsically from 'suggested' boxes.
-Better thumbnails for the videos - not a freezeframe but a picture that captures attention and has title words including your brand or logo
Annotations reminding people the url to the website, and subscribe/comment.

Classic part of any sales: If you don't ask people to buy it, they won't. At the end of the videos, after your AWESOME sales pitch of how awesome it is..., do a face to face with the camera explaining
"thanks for watching"
"Subscribe for more"&"check out more of our stuff"
"visit our website to get your own!"

If I don't see it as a proper http link as one of the first things in the description, I'm not going to search through the paragraph of text to find it, copy and paste it, THEN visit the site.
i.e. Put the link to your site separate from the paragraph of text.

When business is slow, post beautiful woodworking Instructables. :D I get a lot of hits on my website via my Instructables.

Yes! I'll start thinking of some. Thanks Frollard for your excellent answer. I take youtube too lightly. I'll straighten up my act.


No problem;

Like I said, you can't count on youtube to keep your viewers on your content with 'related' at the end of a video; trap them!

Check out channels like

...you'll see the methods I described at the end of every video to capture the audience and convert them.

Those sites are amazing... and I've added to their numbers in the past, as I've seen them before.

Question. I've mixed person videos with business. I'd like my business name to be the channel. (I don't care about my person videos) Should I start a new channel? Can I move them over to a new channel? advise?


I have that same problem; if your personal (friends only) videos are important and you want to maintain your hit counts, then take the personal ones down and make the channel into your work;

You can't change a video between channels without reuploading;

You can also take your videos and make them private, noone except those with the link will know what they are.

Those annotations are super easy to put in. I very much like your ideas on facing the camera and doing a pitch. Good to hear. Silly I need to have it said.


If you don't have one already then start up a blog. I'm sure you can fill the blog with all sorts of daily or weekly posts. Cross link people to your Youtube channel and instructables on it. Likewise link to the blog from you rinstructables and Youtube channel. With a blog you can get started with Google Ads and start making some money off add hits there. Also start a Twitter account. Social media is a powerful tool. Its a free way to get the word out about your products/services. It can take up a good bit of time trying to manage it all but the payoff is well worth it.