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Marketplace to Buy/Sell Items! Answered

Hey Everyone!

It's been a while, but I've been busy working on a new project called Marketplacr - a site where members of communities can buy/sell goods from/to each other.  Think of it as similar to a site like Etsy, except geared towards techy/awesome Instructables users.

I thought Instructables users would really enjoy a site like this, so I set up one of the first marketplaces for us.  Sign up on the site, list items from your Instructables, and see what other users are selling stuff from their projects.

Feel free to let me know about any problems/issues/suggestions/complaints  :)


And a how-to-use guide: https://www.instructables.com/id/How-to-Sell-Components-from-your-ProjectsInstruct/


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I tried to load the page, but it's a bit slow. Not sure if it is the website, or something else. I have a business idea that I'll be interested to collaborate with you.

Wow, I thought you left a while ago! I remember your laser mouse hack, it was one of the first instructables that I saw when I joined.

And this has a lot of potential, but right now it doesn't look so good, it looks bland and very simple.

I've been busy with college, But it's great to be back!

I agree, functionality is there but we need a redesign. Suggestions? Any idea from color to design would be a huge help :)


Hmm, maybe stay away from the blue? It reminds me of some unbought websites that people are selling, they have simple one color pages with ads on them. I would suggest flipping the sections with the list items area, it would make it look a bit better. Are you able to host your own html for it, or is it from a template that the site uses?

It's all done through CSS, And I'll look into a new color scheme! Thanks!

Exactly! Everything stays hidden until you complete a transaction.
Did you create an account? :)

Yes! It has been PayPal verified and is completely secure :)

Thanks for your feedback! :)
We're working on a whole new design for the site right now - we'll hopefully update it in a couple weeks.
In the mean time, sign up, buy/sell, and give us feedback! :)