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Marshmallow shooter site? Answered

I found a really good site that had the pvc pipe guns for sale a couple of years ago. They were not the store bought guns. If you know the site that i am talking about, i would highly appreciate it. also, if you know a similar site, please tell me. thank you for viewing.


Make some. PVC is cheap.

Yes. And that is what I will hopefully do, but I want a picture of a sniper.

Oh, I saw that site with the really cool sniper rifle once. It shouldn't be too hard to design your own.

Allaluia!(how do you spell that?)
You found it!

Hallelujah, I think. That one would be cooler with a stock.

That is exactly what I thought! I think I will use some of paperclip533's design.

Yeah his is pretty cool. It's just a little disproportionate, like the stock looks really big, and so does the front handle.

Yeah. Do you know if they make 3 hole connectors? 

Like one at 0 degrees, one at 135 , and one at 180?


I just found a site-www.marshmallowshooter.com

I thank you for looking, but I am looking for the pvc pipe ones that you blow in. I have tried so hard to find this long-lost site.

Or you could go to Craigslist or Ebay. I found $3.50 marshmallow guns on Craigslist.com