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Massive Rubber Band Ball Destroys car Answered

I was just surfing the interwebs and i found this video.

Some guys drive to the top of a hill with a massive rubber band ball in the back of their van and then roll the ball down the hill hoping to hit the car,

The ball bounces as it goes down the hill so the first time they roll it they only hit the back of the car, the second roll is a miss but the 3rd time they land it right in the side leading to a surprising amount of damage.

Video is a bit bright to begin with but it gets better.
Skip to 1:55 for the best hit.


That is so fake. Ask the Mythbusters to try this.

I have a rubber band ball about 6 inches in diameter. It weighs 5 pounds. This is definitely possible.

Instead of spike strips to stop the bad guys, imagine this ball rolled in front of them! One incredible noisy and sudden stop(!), and the rest of the cops chasing their rubber ball missile. (Insert evil grin here)

RUSTEY GOT OWNED!!!!!! how long did it take you to make that


8 years ago

i dont get y u would wanna destroy ur car just for a video?


8 years ago

Lol, I love the part where the guys says, "Hey... how are we supposed to get it out?

and why on earth would you want to ruin your car?

Cool! I assume the US army have vehicles (in Iraq) that can survive a rubber-band-ball attack... L

I believe we're giving those insurgence fighters ideas.

maybe we should take our own, sturdy, and high tech rubber balls over there....

And we can use specific nano bots inside these balls that get released and eat away the other side's balls.

would you have been happier if I had written "rubber spheres ?

Same thing in the end. Although a ball doesn't have to be quite as round as a sphere is.

Oh, blush I just comprehended what you meant by Oh dear, did I just say that? :-)


I didn't mean anything at all by that.


You lot certainly did *eyes dart side to side*

no they dont they have them so they can survive a rubber band war mm that would be fun a rubber band war everyone get your rubber band guns out

That's awesome! I want to make a rubber band ball like this one someday.

yet another piece of evidence of how powerful rubberbands are (first example was knex guns)

I would like to see a knex gun do THAT to an automobile, though ;-)

Have you seen the Heavy cannon V1 by I_Am_Canadian? That's about the closest you'd get. But it does serious damage. Even the V5 handheld version which is about a foot or more long makes the ammo whistle and it hit the window from across the room through a curtain.

That thing is a beast, it probably could take out the window but it would never RIP the car's side panel.

Easy. A knex catapult/trebuchet that launches a rubber band ball. Simple.....

Man I want a rubber band ball that size... and also... WHAT DID THAT CAR DO TO YOU!?!?!? LOL!

Must repeat!! Smart my man, can i borrow your car?

I think the car died :(

I wonder if it learned to fly on the way out of the car?

mythbusters should do this !! like the lego ball

I know what I want to be when I grow up!

Rubber band ball: SHOTGUN!!!!

i wondered what happened to my brothers car that i left in the middle of nowhere next to a big steep hill because it ran out of petrol...

Wow that takes me back... Yeah, the destructive power of a rubber band ball is not to be discounted. I had a much smaller one in college. It was the size of a large grapefruit, but probably still weighed 6 or 7 pounds. Other guys in my dorm were always trying to get me to toss it out the 10th story window, I never did because it had very high potential to kill someone. (Though I really did want to see how high it would bounce...) I finally did bounce it down the hallway once and it ended up destroying two glass light fixtures. And there ended my fun. (I think I had to pay $120 a piece for those things.) As for how long it took to make, if you work the right place it won't take too long at all. For example I know a machine shop that gets about 5 rubber bands in every parts box, 20 boxes a day.

Lol, definatlet something i thought i'd be seeing today! Kidding...


8 years ago

(Comment removed by a rubber band ball's request)

>In the earlier minutes before this was "taken off"<

"Take it off."

*Whimper* "Y-yes sir."

Thats pretty insane...Like most of you I am also curious how long it took to make this monstrosity.

That must have taken forever to make.

Cool, I just want to know where they got those huge rubber band. Anyone got any ideas.


8 years ago

thats awesome. want to do that

soz for double post but you dont no where to get those rubber bands do you???

now all they have to do is rool the car down and try to hit the ball =)

one would expect the force of the fairly dense rubber band ball to do quite a bit of damage after gathering the momentum it did.