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Master and Slave Control Answered

Does anyone know how to make a master and slave control?

Watch the guy in the background, what he does, the robot imitates.



10 years ago

I think he had a bunch of potentiometers on the Master arm to correspond to the servos/motors on the slave arm, while the other kid drove the car.

I think there's a ball under the human arm, and he moves it to move the robot

I think: THe hand has a bunch of potentiometers on it it goes to a uController The uController tries to make the same resistance or somthing on a servo's potentiometer (controlling the hand and stuff.) The location of the hand works like a mouse.

Wait, then what is this?

You'd use some sort (rotational) position encoder on the model in place of motors/actuators/servos on the robot. But, FYI, this isn't Master/Slave.

Two fairly close "bots" are made, one has all its sensors tied into a radio send configuration and one has all its sensors tied into receive. What one does, the other does. The sending unit has no "motor" per se`.

It is fairly complex in nature actually.