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McCain '08 Answered

This forum is for all McCain supporters, but debate is open to all.

Please name Senator Obama by his correct name, it's childish to modify it for merriment, it's been done millions of times before and is really not funny


ha ha no, anarchy just sounds cool (and i'm talking about the rebelious definition, not the other...) Anarchy just makes for a good name and........... MCCAINE SUCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

i don't like him nor sarah palin... do you watch saturday night live? because they portray him pretty well... lololol and they hardly ever make fun of obama... obama is going to win, no doubt, at this point, and for good reason... I REFUSE TO ARGUE!!!!!!!!! arguing annoys me...

he won?!?!?! darnit darnit darnit darnitdarnit darnit darnit more darnit frown darnit shucks uggggggg......

So your basing your opinion from a skit TV show? Well, then I'll do the same, Mad Magazine is constantly lampooning Obama Osama?, so I'm a gona vote McCain.

Damn, AnarchistAsian beat me to it.

From all that I have learned about both parties....it is like picking what one considers the lesser of two evils. I personally don't like any of the candidates running for office presently. But I am just a crusty old guy so who cares what I have to say, eh ? LOL

Yes, in my last line But I am just a crusty old guy so...

;-) Although my avatar doesn't show it, my beard needs another good trimming :-)

Don't worry, your avatar doesn't need to show it ; D

w00t! No Marxism FTW!

Marxism = Communism; Obama is socialist :-/

Not that I don't love me some good free enterprise, I'm all for McCain through and through, it just bugs me how people call socialism communism; they're not the same.

Actually, Socialism is the "middle step" to Communism. And by marxism, I meant that Obama wants to "take the money from the rich and give it to the poor"

no, take from the rich and give to the poor.


Yeah, kind of like Robin Hood?

Is one of us confused here, or both?

No, I wasn't "Confused". Robin hood takes from the rich and gives to the poor. That's what Obama wishes to do.

Gosh, now I'm confused!

I will say, however, that I support McCain (atlhough I agree with most (but not all) of Obama's econ policies).

We need MOAR comments!!!


Hey we are doing well, we haven't been around as long as the OTHER forum, but we've got almost as many comments...

equal signs don't work no more,

So is Florida Red or Blue (more McCain or Obama support?). A lot of the east coast seems to be Democratic, but Maine seems to be definitively Republican...

I'm pretty sure it's more a McCain state.

Mccain is


HIT MCCAIN WITH A CANE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ehm... He already has been, about forty years ago actually...


9 years ago

Hey! Please no harassing other members, DNTOTP is just voicing his opinion. Be it in the wrong place...

I think Power is a wonderful spokesman for Obama. He might even change my mind. If Power says it.... BTW-Nothing against Power, I just think it's funny that HE'S endorsing Obama.

Help me think of lyrics to make Obama's theme song....

Obama how I love thee

Ok, This was the best I could manage. Maybe this will help sway some of those McCain wackos in the right direction, here goes: Obama how I love thee, Just show me the money. We'll all be on wellfare, But you have got such cool hair. Obama how I love thee, Just hand out the money, You want to take my guns? And the lives of unborn ones? Obama how I love thee, You so phat and funky, Please don't hate me cuz I white, I'll bow down to Reverend Wright! Obama how I love thee, Cool ears (like a monkey), Your best bud is Billy Ayers? You're for change so no one cares! Obama how I love thee, Organize my community! Socialist, Marxist, You're profound! Take my money and pass it around!

Hahha, that would be a wicked rap! :D

not rly, that song= dead the moment i saw it