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Me and this guys are dating but everyone keeps making fun of him. Any help?? Answered

they ask stuff like "How do you like him?" or "He's such a dork, what are you thinking?" I'm trying to ignore it but it's getting hard. And I'm shy so I don't just go up to people and tell them what I'm feeling. help please!


If these people are your friends and family, you need to explain to them that it's your decision to make and that you appreciate their opinion but you do not share it. Ask them to accept your decision and to be mature about it. They can either choose to be nice and hang around or be nasty and go away. Unfortunatly, the latter is going to happen if your friends are not mature and there's not much that can be done about it. Also they may wish to hang around only when he's not, and while it seems like a great compromise... it's just going to make him feel excluded and he may never feel like he's truly accepted if your friends and family don't accept him. That's sad news, but you can work on it by getting them aquainted. Spend time together with your boyfriend and small groups of your friends in simple social situations like coffee or a movie. Hopefully, they'll start to get along. If you're dealing with strangers... ignore them, and if they insist that they must bother you with it, explain that you respect their opinion but you do not share it and that you do not wish to hear of it again.

(I know it's an old post...) I like your insight. outdated thread or not, I was just about to post a reply that said ...tell them "STFU and be glad that's he's not an otherwise handsome, charming, charismatic heroin addict axe murderer!" Methinks you took the high ground :)

Thanks. Hey, I don't believe in dead threads anyway. If anyone has a comment or thought related to the original subject... what's the harm in voicing it? Especially if it helps someone who happens to be searching for an answer here.

My take as well, but I've gotten enough comments about the age of threads that I'm trying to be cautious to avoid complications.

Have your boy friend spend more time with your friends and family so that they can see the same reasons why you like him. Maybe have them over to have a pot-luck and board games.

It's good to tell the truth here. Is he a nice/good guy? Does he treat you well and with respect? Maybe, you see something in the way he looks that no one else does. I have had the same problem several times in my life. I have a thing for nerds and underdogs. But I love the smarties. Go with your gut feeling. And remember - as hard as it is to deal with: all that matters is how you feel and what you think of the relationship. Good luck!