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Me:Discussions:Answers shows no 'best answers' (I have 11) Answered

I have 11 best answers on my 'you' page saying which they are. (hurray)

On the "You" page, discussions tab, questions subtab it shows:


None of your answers have been selected as "Best Answers", yet.
The Instructables Community provides the knowledge and experience that makes Answers such a powerful feature. And by "Instructables Community," we mean you! Answering questions is as easy as making a comment. If the question author likes your answer, it may even be selected as a Best Answer. Find questions to answer, now!

Note: We will soon have a listing here of all the answers you've written, not just your Best Answers. "


Deja vu! It's like...it's like Kelsey has two accounts...and he forgot which one he logged the bug report on... >eyes suspiciously

As someone most recently imparted to me: Great minds think alike. Greater minds think...aliker.

lol, no, I just made it up. I lied about being told it - Nacho recently reminded me gmta - I just expanded the idea.

Haha, my comment was supposed to be all humorous and ironic and such. You ruined it! :-D

I lithium rained on your parade? Rain on lithium would make it asplode right?

Aw, shucks - here I was thinking that you were referring to medication for bipolar disorders:
"...the quality of lithium is not strained,
it falleth as the gentle rain from heaven..."

(research is still pending on what Class D fires do for the treatment of bipolar disorders)

I searched (and I'm pretty good at searching ;) ) - and didn't see that. Thank you!