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Measurement Equivalents Answered

Check out this awesome measuring cup!

It's carefully marked to provide all sorts of useful measurements and volumetric equivalents, such as "enough red wine to take you over the driving limit" and "as many grains of flour as people on the planet" and "tyrannosaurus rex brain". So cool.

(via boingboing)


Couldn't you make your own? Now where did i leave that spare brain so that i can measure it's volume? How about a list of alternative measures you would like to see on one of these? "How much urine the average bladder contains?"

Where do I get one?

Cool! Gonna get one. It's a lot better than the one that came with my bakingmachine (it's got every measurement available)

Are those units metric or standard? =P

Haha, oh wow. What a funny cup. This would make a great gift.

I like this one
Just completely random!
If you got 3 of them, you could amuse/annoy chem students by forcing them to solve logic problems to measure out correct amounts of reactants! Kiteman: get on it!

I'd fall off, surely?

Interesting idea, though. You could make a jug for your favourite recipe - "fill to here with milk, then top up to here with flour..."

Haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa falls off seat laughing.... Funny.

put a half of a human brain worth of milk in, add the amount of bacteria in your gut worth of sugar, stir and bake.

Half a brain, or you could use a whole brain but only half-baked :-)

Now THAT would be useful lol

...for those odd occasions when you run out of things to say at a party... LOL