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Mechanisms I've Made Answered

Alright, I'll keep it short and sweet: Catch-up time. Mechanisms from '08-'10, all different versions.

Why not a slideshow?

'Cause I hate them.

More stuff coming up.

Also, these are only a few pictures of each thing, there are many more of each of them (except the mechanical hand, unfortunately).


I thought all the mechanisms you made were your original design.

In terms of k'nex, yes, if that's what you mean. I didn't invent the combination lock, but I did post the first one made of k'nex.

Dude that lock is already posted here. It was even featured. And nowhere near the first one. Mepain made the first one if you were wondering.

With all due respect, I've already said that it's my lock, but my friend's pictures, which explains why you've seen it before. Also, I was going to post it much earlier, when the power was knocked out in my region, which is unfair. I wasn't able to get to my friend's house to take pictures.

"Nowhere near"? It's about a month's difference.

My mechanism is different than Mepain's so I couldn't have copied him.

And for the record, mine had instructions, which took a while a.) because I didn't have a camera, and b.) mine was VERY complicated in the sense that it was so small, every 1/16 of an inch was crucial. It took a while to sketch every angle of it and measure everything so I could dis- and re-assemble it.

Your original comment doesn't make sense, even IF a picture and video were posted before my instructions, it is still 100% different and my design.

Ok now you're not really making sense. That lock was around the fourth or fifth one posted here. Besides, you have no way of proving that you made it and Supervader didn't.

You claimed above the lock was the first one on the site. I was just saying it wasn't. Why not try and make new stuff?

First one with instructions. First one with instructions.

SuperVader hasn't been active in a long while (he WAS DarthVader but deleted his account) and while he HAS made occasional posts since then, he's pretty much dead here.

"Why not try and make new stuff"?

What? Are you... serious? This is all of my original stuff, and even if for some reason there was a picture of the CONCEPT before then, this is new, or was new when it was posted.

You pick the smallest thing and attack me for it. You didn't comment about any of my other stuff. What did YOU ever make that was new? The oodammo fad started, so you made an oodammo gun. Firing pins were hot, so you made a firing pin gun. What did YOU ever revolutionize? After I posted my lock, which, for the record, reached far over 4* back when Instructables rated harshly, people started making lots of them. After I posted my grabber, lots more were posted. I did something. I started something. When did people ever go "Oh, look, DJRadio has posted a new gun! This will undeniably be the new thing!"

I didn't see that. Now, how about you stop trying to pick a fight, and just comment on my designs, and ask questions, rather than try to be a nuisance about who did what first. They're all my original designs. Complain and nag all you want, but honestly, you're going to be wrong.


Lol you go on a tangent and then try and justify it as trolling with a picture. You're doing it wrong.

Alright, so it was the first one with instructions but you just claimed it was the first one on the site. Don't twist my arguments please.

By "new stuff" I mean new mechanisms that we haven't already seen before. Besides that, at one point people were going "oh look, DJ Radio has posted a new gun!", until I told them myself to stop. That was years and years ago. I made original stuff back then or made major improvements on already-existing mechanisms. You failed to take that into account.

The reason why I made that comment in the first place was because I thought you were going to post fresh material that I haven't seen before. I could easily go "Oh I made this gun I was too lazy to post it so my friend posted it for me". I don't give the benefit of the doubt to stuff like this, because if I did it would make it so easy for people to steal other people's mechanisms and take credit for them. I never saw SuperVader say his friend made the mechanisms.

1. I never said that it was the first combination lock on the site. I said I "posted the first one of k'nex", posted as in Instructable, so you misinterpreted. If you had put yourself in the place of me you easily could've figured THAT one out.

2. I don't CARE if YOU are pleased or not by MY stuff. I don't! I put it here so people can see what I've built. Already seen it? Great! You can get out now.

3. I didn't fail to take anything into account there. Oodalumps, Mepain, KillerK, Bakenbitz, etc. They all started something, revolutionized something, and when they build something new, people build it. Sure you modify, and people are excited, but those are the guys that built automatic guns, TRs and BRs, Snipers, and the stuff that people never thought possible with k'nex. Sure you modify, and make it better, but when a car is made, sure, the paint job is slick, but people appreciate the car as a whole, not the paint itself 99% percent of the time.

4. "Too lazy"? I couldn't afford a half-decent camera back then. I DON'T CARE if you like what I make or not. "You're not doing me any favors by building it, I'm doing you a favor by posting it". That's what you say, and I interpret that as "I don't care if you like it or not, if you don't like it, go somewhere else" to an extent. For a person around 10 years old who has a homemade combination lock from one of their friends, are they going to want to take credit for it? Yes. I'll see if I can contact him, but honestly, if you don't like what I built, cool. That's great. Find someone who cares. I out this here so people can see what I've built over the years, not to complain that they've already seen it all before like some spoiled toddler.

Honestly, you can reply saying "Well technically,..." and other bureaucratic baloney, but this is stuff I made when I was around 9 to 11, (2008-2010) so it's not gonna be new for now, but if you want something new, cool. Go build something new. Leave me alone. The title was "Mechanisms I've Made" for a reason, if it's not what you expected, I'm sure there's a heckload of people who clicked on all of your video-game named guns and were expecting something totally different.

lol umad. I really didn't feel like reading your entire rage rant but in any case, your comparison to me improving on existing mechanisms as to a car with a different paint job is totally false. Putting a different paint job on a car is not a modification, it is changing the appearance of the car.

I have even made original gun mechanisms before. But my favorite, the AR-4 completely revolutionized hopper-fed bolt actions. The original hopper-fed bolt action had many flaws and the AR-4 fixed them all and made it more powerful and more reliable. Modifying existing mechanisms to make them better can sometimes be as revolutionary as a completely new mechanism, and if done right they certainly do take the community steps farther.

But most importantly, calm the hell down. I'm not yelling at you, I'm not mad at you, I was just saying I thought you were going to post some fresh material, and voicing my disappointment. No need to get super-pissed-to-bits over it.

I don't know, it's just that believe it or not, it took hours to get everything working in k'nex, and when someone doubts my work, something just snaps. I have my opinions and you have yours, I am just going to end it at that.

Oh, and SuperVader has agreed to tell everyone that the combination lock is mine and he just took pictures. I haven't looked yet, but if he did actually do it, it's either in his Instructable or a new forum topic (that;s where he said he would do it).

Ah yes, I was the same way when I first joined the site. Eventually I got older, realized I was getting better, and figured out it was from feedback from other users, as well as me studying other mechs.

I looked at it, he should specifically mention you, and looking at the comment you posted, it sure did sound like you found his ible and made the mech with his instructions.

Alright, well, he doesn't visit the site regularly anymore, so I'll contact him again, but I am the LAST person to plagiarize, but I did make the lock. I'll see what I can do.