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Meet the Twins. Answered


Even so, the 9 and 10 year old members shouldn't be members. You are supposed to be 13 remember.....

I know this is innapropriate, but every time I see "meet the twins" it make me think of "here are my breasts" (sorry) L

sorry man but thats inappropriate there are 10 and 9 year olds on here

My 6 and 10 year old read this site, and I have no problem with lemonie's comment. It's a valid response to a known double-entendre. It's positively mild compared to the lingerie posters etc that the boys pass every day (did the "Hello Boys!" campaign make it to the US? - those posters caused RTAs over here).

you would let a SIX year old read that your a horrible Father

A six year old that knows to start a sentence with a capital letter, and that the contraction of "you are" is "you're". Anyway, what is "horrible" about admitting that breasts exist? Or do you think I should hide the fact from him until he's 16? He has a basic idea of where babies come from, the mammary-function of breasts, and the fact that most men find them attractive. I didn't teach him all that, life and books did (he reads avidly) - all I've taught him is to treat people with respect, so don't giggle when you see a woman breastsfeeding.

(hand shake) oh and BTW I put Capital Letters in my sentences but online i dont

Dude im sorry but, Kiteman 'pwnd' you in his last comment below.

lol......hilarious (i have never heard that one before).

hey do you know when your gonna have time to post them

"The video is no longer available" :(, but they sound cool.

Yeaaahh... accidentally deleted it. I'll re-upload it when I do the instructable.

please post soon they look pretty cool


11 years ago

rearly cool post as soon as possible oh and btw how is your gun with 3 stages going?

Looks nice. They do have true triggers i presume?

They use the typical block triggers with rubber band auto-lock accredited to KillerK. His idea for using a tan lock to prevent over-pulling is also *extremely* helpful on these.

... Wait, reading your question again, I don't think I answered it. No, you don't squeeze a trigger with the index finger. It is actually a lever on the side of the pistols that you push downward with the thumb. You can kind of see them on the video.

Yes, after looking closer i see the trigger. Doyu they use the traditional millions of tan locking pieces barrel or do they have the same barrel as red impact? Meaning where the ammo falls into

I've been spoiled by the (I call them decapitated grey connectors), so yes, these ones use them. They're just so much cleaner than tan locks, and it only takes two per gun.

oops made a mistake need to type slower... i meant to say do they use not doyu they use

can you put the same fireing pin on red impact and have dual but it has the same meothed

The interlocking firing pin idea was great. When dual wielding guns, it is very hard to have to pull back both pins. I usually take one gun, hold it under my arm, then pull the opposite gun, then take the pulled gun, put it between my legs, then take out the un-pulled one from under my arm, and pull it, and I'm done. This concept is perfect, and not time consuming. If you could post a couple pictures, many people would probably be able to build this gun. Well, great job on these, and by the way, I built the Cyclone. Thanks, BLACKROD

please post or at least send me a message on how to build it. tell me on instructables then email it to www.melanieandjerome@yahoo.com or just post it here please

if you post then i will fav this

please post look pretty cool and alot of people like it to so post


it looks cool, can you post some pictures?

that was pretty cool