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Messing with bismuth. Can it be done easily? Answered

Is there any inexpensive (eg. <$100 US) way to make complex shapes with bismuth? I'm hoping something along the lines electroplating will work.

I'm kind of hoping for input from Lemonie


I'm not in an industrial setting, I'm pretty sure I couldn't make something as fine as I want from hand carved positive. Now if I had a nice small 5-axis mill with <0.01" tolerance, I might be able to if I knew how to make an effective negative from it.

You've still not defined 'em ! Define 'em and I might agree with you, otherwise, until I know I can't suggest how you might do it can I ? Electroforming bismuth is extremely unlikely.

Use a wooden mould. Carve them in that. Bismuths melting point is so low you'll hardly get any burn.

I presume you've already PM'ed Lemonie to give him a heads up about this Question, eh?

No I haven't, I just hope he has some idea about how to do this.