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"Metal" letters/Car "name" magnet Answered

I recently bought a bright blue Toyota Yaris and I would like to put a magnet of the word "Tardis" on it. I want to make the word look as close as possible to the "Yaris" metal nameplate on the car. The letters don't have to be metal, but I would like them to be metallic and something that's not going to deteriorate that easily.

A friend of mine had made something akin to this out of shrinky dinks that she painted with silver paint, but I don't know how long that would hold up.


You can make your own plastics, if you can not get the low temp type that is often sold in some hobby/art supply shops and then paint it silver, or even gold. You curdle some milk, rinse the curds, and then strain and mash out as much liquid as you can....this is casein. You should be able to mash and mold it like soft clay. Use your Yaris nameplate, take an impression in something like plaster of paris, and use that as the mold to push the casein into, Allow to dry thoroughly, Paint and seal with some clear finish. If it is a bit rough, sand it with fine sandpaper, before painting.

Newer knew that about casein. Do you just let it dry? There is chrome spray paint too.

You have to strain, and then squeeze out ALL the liquid you can, and then force it into the mold. And then let it dry......yes, this was the precursor to plastics as we know them I have to do an ible on this....I haven't made any for a long time.

I believe shirt buttons were (is?) the last large-scale use of casein.

I hadn't really looked into the history too much, I just liked having some plastic available when I ran out of the store bought stuff :-)

A magnet could be embedded in the home made casein plastic, and if made thin enough, once painted, it might not be distinguishable from "the real deal".


6 years ago

If you know anyone with a 3D printer... there you go. Maybe contact your local hackerspace if there is one?

I did something like this as a prank. My 2001 Ford Escape had metallic stick-on letters from the factory that reads E-S-C-A-P-E.

I removed it and re-spelled it into S-P-A-C-E. So for a while I drove around in a "space" vehicle! It got some smiles from other drivers.

Maybe you can spot a make/ model with similar metallic font and buy it from the dealer parts department. They stick on pretty good with double-sided tape.

Why not just make a high quality image of "Tardis" in the same font as "Yaris" and print it onto a bumper-sticker decal and then affix it to a magnetic sheet? From most angles, the word will look normal. It would only be up close that you'd be able to see that its not 3-dimensional.