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Metals Answered

ok first... i wasnt really sure where to post this but Science topic seemed the closes

so i need to know whats the strongest metal(s) but still can be bent.. shaped, and cut, im trying to make 4 blades equal in length and height maybe 1foot tall each but could also be made to have room towards the middle to add some kind of gears or something to make it 'bend' back and forth (i'll attach a picture to give an idea what i mean)
also, how much would it cost?



What is the purpose of the wings? You trying to make a flying machine, fan, or purely decorative piece? How fast will they beat? There are techniques to reinforce or stiffen the edges of your blade and consideration could also be given to how it is connected to the drivearm. What are you planning to drive it with, electric, steam, gas motors?

not wings, its just blades, the bottom pics are the side view, i want to have them to pop up then be able to bend down... dont worry why :P
i guess i confused u.. i didnt mean a wing blade... like a sword blade but ^that^ shape
im not sure yet what i'll use to power it.. im working on the basic for now.. like a prototype then eventually work on those kinds of details later, but most of my ideas usually deal with Solar Powered so...

My suggestion is this, mock up what you want to do with stiff cardboard. Put it together with tape, glue, string, zip ties, whatever works. From there, you can then figure out what to start substituting in like razor steel or just pieces cut from pie tins or aluminum cans. Get your mechanism working in the prototype and then you can refine it. Any hidden mechanisms may require you to go to drawer slides or pulley mechanisms. Even look at how an animatronic hand works so you can have the blade fold out. Good luck.

ya i was going to do that, build basic then go from there
do u know whats a light weight metal but again.. strong as well?

also.. idk what to power it with(most likely solar charged) but i do want to attach like a panel.. a control pad type thing with buttons and touch screen to make it do certain things like popping out and bending... sounds weird i know

You see, that is the part where you experiment to see what would fit your needs. Aluminum cans flattened out, steel cans flattened out, aluminum pie tin material, you might even need to just make a frame or outline of the blade and cover it with a metalized plastic. Spring steel makes that snapping cricket sound. Think composite materials, thicker plastic or wooden base with a metal tab. Metal reinforced with more layers at the pivot point. You'll figure it out.