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There's a shower coming. Answered

From my inbox:

The annual Perseid meteor shower peaks on Tuesday, August 12th. The best time to look is during the dark hours before dawn on Tuesday morning when forecasters expect 50 to 100 meteors per hour. Get away from city lights if you can; plan a camping trip! The darker the sky, the more meteors you will see.

The source of the Perseids is Comet Swift-Tuttle, which has littered the August portion of Earth's orbit with space dust. The dusty zone is broad and Earth is already in its outskirts. As a result, even before the peak on August 12th, you may see some "early Perseids" streaking across the night sky. Photos of these early arrivals will be featured in the days ahead on Spaceweather.com as part of our full coverage of the Perseid meteor shower.

Being on holiday, I will be spending most of the shower either under city lights or in the wettest (and hence cloudiest) part of Britain, and unable to lay out large tarpaulins to catch rainwater.

So, I won't be able to go fishing, or get time out to watch them. I wonder - will you?

EDIT: I have, as predicted seen nothing. Rain, rain, rain, rain, rain, rain ...


Hey! I don't know if it's just for America, but the most reliable meteor shower of the year is TONIGHT! Some of the peak is TOMORROW! Try to see it!


I thought you meant I was spamming (again) when really I was just being scientifically topical.

No, I thought you meant you thought I'd spam for it.

I meant, a lot of people will go to your ible this week, to prepare for the event.



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Yup. My ipod app told me there was like 5 showing tonight but the one on aug. 12 was the only one that will be vis. without a telescope. told me the exact location it will be with N S E W angles. :)

Wow! I just saw one orange streak in the clear night sky and this forum topic just suddenly appeared! I saw the streak in Devon, Cornwall, UK

Yeah, that might explain the odd problem..

Devon isn't actually in Cornwall...

Oh, woops! I meant "I saw the streak in Devon near Cornwall, UK".


9 years ago

Yay, Order can be restored as the return of Kiteman has come-eth-ish...

Yeah! I'll be watching. Right now it's broad daylight.

And here it will be so for at least another 3 1/2 hours *sigh*

Although I did just see one, even though it was light. I wonder how bright that one would be at night...

I stepped outside and it was fairly cloudy. I could see one "star" (I think it was a planet honestly), and that was it. :-( *sigh*

It was perfectly clear here, but I only saw two during the two hours I was out there. *sigh*

I remember once I was at my friends house, and we kept seing weird things in the sky. So when I went home, I searched it up, and some website said (I can't remember the date so I'm gonna make one up): Suprise meteor shower April 27th!!! So I went out to see them and they were cool. And another time there was a Geminide meteor shower. I saw a few. But over my neighbors house there was this crazy meteor that looked brighter than a light bulb, and looked about the size of an indian head penney (Not to scale so that's actually HUGE!), and it just appeared over my neighbors house and did a tiny "half-horseshoe". Good times...


9 years ago

Tonight is the peak! Get excited, astronomy-interested ones.

I thank you so much for saying that. I didn't know it was at night also! I saw like 5 or 6 bright ones. One just shot litterally almost 3/4 across the sky. I loved it. I wouldn't have seen anything if it weren't for you.


9 years ago

Looks interesting, unfortunately I missed the peak of it. I live in London and it was overcast that night so i wouldn't have been able to have seen them anyway... I have seen the geminids (I don't think I spelled that right) before with my family(my dads an astronomer by hobby).

Shoot! Did I miss it? I'm in the same time zone as the Instructables clock.

Another reason why I hate this trip to Grandma's.

I think it's going to be at like 1:45 or something here, I don't know. Does anybody want to calculate it for me? I'm in California. Near Los Angeles.


9 years ago

I went out tonight, being in a fairly well populated area and not being bothered to go deep into the countryside the visibility wasn't great, but a quick bike out of town rewarded me with two very intense vivid orange meteors, 10 or 15 smaller ones and two satellites. Also, just on a random note, I saw a moonset- that was quite cool.

Looks like someone's instructable is getting quite a few hits this week.

It's not in any view-based contests, I just thought people would like to have a go (there's a lot of new members since I wrote it).

Is the shower only over Europe?

No, it's world-wide, because the planet turns as the meteors hit from the same direction in the sky.

If it's clear here I'll be looking, also the big tarp covering the bin bit seems like a good place to look for...