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Metroid Cubed: The original metroid game brought back in 3D with voxels. Answered

VL-Tone, the sole creator at Qubed Studios, has recreated the full metroid game in 3d. It's called Metroid Cubed and it's great stuff for fans of the classic free-form exploration game. In his updated version, you can warp to any place on the map, and can change all sorts of things such as lighting and backgrounds and even play sans armor.

He's also got some other great voxel experiments and a Mario64 editor on the site as well.

Click and check it out: Metroid Cubed


Neat idea!

can't crouch after you get ball

This is Metroid 1, you can't crouch after getting the morph ball

That is great ;) -josh

I particularly like how the backgrounds he came up with complement the game. They help explain the 2d course Samus has to run through, because that's the easiest place to run on a cylinder!