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Micro-Hydro System Answered

I will post all my updates on builing a full microhydro system here.I am NOT posting on my previous thread: https://www.instructables.com/community/Help-Hydro-power/

For more info, you may post here, But check the old thread first, because there is a lot of background information there.



And it was interesting to see .

Thank you. Very interesting to see your updates


2 years ago

I have a 6 foot high by 20 foot wide dam.
the dam has a 4 inch valve at the base.
I want to put in 1 or 2 Hydros on the stream.
the stream will fill a 5 gallon bucket in 2 minutes during the dry months.
the dam is 170 feet above the House. used a GPS to measure the Height differance.
where can i buy pre-made Hydro kits. New or used.