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Microsoft Photodraw - does anyone use it any more? Answered

I have Photodraw 2000 on my computer from several years ago - I copied it onto my newer computer and I use it all the time to add text, borders or effects and to correct old photos or erase backgrounds.  I use my photos for various purposes, for teaching and family use, so it's good to be able to do lots of things with the photos in just one simple program

I love Photodraw- it has so many uses and is easy to use. I never got the hang of using layers as in paint.net (which I've tried ) and Photoshop (which seems so expensive and complex).

Does anyone else still use Photodraw or am I hanging on to a dinosaur here?


Re-sizing images - here's a quick way to re-size your photos so they will open in PhotoDraw (it's an old program from when photos were smaller, and the maximum JPEG size it can manage is 2500pixels).

If you have Office 2013, it will no longer include MS Office Picture Manager; you can download a free copy of SharePoint
Designer 2007
and install just the MS Office Picture Manager component; it's a good quick program for basic photo editing, including very a useful 'midtone' adjustment as well as the usual contrast, cropping, rotate, red-eye etc.)

1. re-sizing in MS Office Picture Manager.jpg2. re-sizing in PD_labelled_cr.jpg

Fantastic graphics program!!!
Been using it pretty much daily for 18 years now, .
I use Adobe Photoshop Elements 11 primarily for cleaning up backgrounds, easier to use.

hi everyone...i still have the 2-disc photodraw 2000 v.2.0. if you are interested to get a copy just send me an email.

You posted a few years ago that you have a copy of Microsoft Photodraw, do you still have it? My wife really need oa copy of it on her new computer and our copy we cannot find.

hey! I know it's an extremely old graphic editor, but I do miss it... can you please send me the installation file? <3

malgorzata dot plichta at gmail... (please exchange the "dot" to . and "at" to @ and add .com by the end)

Hello, I am very interested!! Please send it to my email: carlosgonmir@gmail.com

Hello, I would like to know if you can ship it to Italy and how much does it cost. Please answer with an email at icepress2014@gmail.com

Thank you!

I am very interested! Please send it to sportzjunkie30@aol.com

Thank you

i could send you the disc but it's not for free. just let me know if you're still interested.

I would like to buy the photodraw discs. Can you ship to the UK? - how much?


im intrested in photodraw to get a copy please


i could send you the disc but it's not for free. just let me know if you're still interested.

I use Corel with a Wacom tablet. I'm also new to drawing so whatever you learn from your question would be interesting for me to read up on. Check out drawinghub.com, its where I actually started drawing and a lot of artist are on there and you can even battle them, stream live, and so much more.

OK got rid of 2 of the issues I had !

1) To remove the prompt to insert PhotoDraw Disc 2: select Tools> Options > uncheck prompt to insert PhotoDraw Disc 2 (see pic 1 below)

2) To remove the file size restriction of 2500 pixels: select Tools> Options > change Picture Quality to Professional, Compression Level to None (see pic 2 below)

pd REMOVE PROMPT_TOOLS-Options-file locations.bmpPD pic quality changed to.bmp

PhotoDraw works on Windows 10 :) Even fixed the 3D problem!

I've just installed PhotoDraw2 on my latest computer with Windows 10. There were a few issues and it said it was not compatible, but I persisted and it's working. I had to restart my computer before it would save the files as .jpg or .gif, and it still keeps asking me to insert Disc 2 despite my clicking the ‘ignore’ and ‘don't show me this again’ buttons - a minor problem.

I manually copied all the extra files from the disc folders (CD2) into the photodraw folders on my computer, so that I would have the full range of textures, edges etc.

the only thing that was missing was the 3D fonts, but I even found a solution to that online, and now they work beautifully! (Microsoft Answers- download install d3drm.dll at http://www.anarchia.com/ and place it in the folder C:\ Program Files (x86) \ Microsoft Office \ Office).

PhotoDraw works on Windows 10.jpg

The disk problem could be related to Windows not realising the program is installed correctly - or the program missing this info in some config file.
I had similar issues with multivolume installs of old stuff a lot of times.
Like you I just prefer some of the oldies ;)
One trick that almost always works is to copy all install volumes onto a USB stick.
Often there are empty text files as an ID or it is the volume name the installer asks for - but only if the next install file can't be found!
If all volumes are present it will just continue to do the work and finnish without any error.
Really old programs or programmers like to include a finnish command into the install routine for the program.
A simple way of checking if all really is complete from the days where the OS did not care about such things.
If the above did not help try to copy the program folder from and installation on an old OS into your new program folder.
All identical files can be ignored but if there are .ini files .cfg files or similar textfiles then check them and compare the contents.
If you are really lucky then it is as simple as one file missing - the one the installer should create to let the program know it finnished correctly.

Wow, thanks Downunder35m - could be a good solution there! A friend is having trouble with his installation on Windows 10 so I'll suggest your options to him. Thanks heaps :)

I have a developed a portable version of Photodraw v2 with addon disk-2 and all the features which work fine on window8. If anyone need any information it mail to me.



你好,我很感興趣!請發送到我的郵箱: irislee66@gmail.com

Hi There,

I am a big fan of PhotoDraw - so easy to use! Used it since first release of version 1.

However, as time moves on, less features can be utilised, and version 1 stopped working altogether some time ago.

Still using version 2, but functionality like 3D effect wont work etc.

Good to hear someone else out there uses this!

Hi Marty, nice to see another fan. I still use PhotoDraw2 every few days or so. Shame about the 3D, and I find it's a bit messy to get the full range of background etc., but do-able. I wonder if anyone has a work-around for the 3D issue?
I'm hoping I won't have to change to Windows 10 anytime, as I suspect that may be a step too far for PhotoDraw, and my life wouldn't be the same without it ;)


2 years ago

Turkishjim posted an interesting idea to convert large jpeg
pics to other formats to use in PhotoDraw. I tried it out- I used Photoscape
(free) to convert a large image to .bmp, png and .tiff.

The .bmp file wouldn't open in my PhotoDraw, but the .png
and .tiff are fine (I use those formats a lot in PhotoDraw for clipart and
picture scans).

Once edited in PhotoDraw, the only options for saving (other
than special formats) are jpeg or gif, and if you just 'save' from large .bmp or .tiff images, they end up
smaller; they don't save at the original size (my image went from 3894px width
to 1947px width). However, you can "Arrange-Resize" to bring back to
original size and save if you want to keep the large image!

I usually use MSOffice to do a quick edit on my photos - to
bring up the midtones (which PhotoDraw doesn't offer), adjust contrast, colour
etc. Then if I want more editing, I reduce the size (easy to do in MSOffice) to less
than 2500 pixels on the longest size, save it (still as jpeg) then open it in
PhotoDraw for sharpening, adding borders, watermark/signature etc. It will then
save at the same ("2500 pixels max.") size, which is still large enough for
most uses, and in fact I often have to reduce the size again (or work on a smaller image to start with,
but I increase the magnification in PhotoDraw to work on smaller images).

I guess the thing is that with modern images being so large
out of the camera, we have to re-size before using an old program like
PhotoDraw- so some 'pre-editing' will be needed. If you re-save as jpeg
format, you'll be losing some quality each time (unless you use Irfanview's 'loss-free'

It's all interesting... please keep the suggestions,
comments and ideas coming!

Oops I realised I'd said you can only save as gif, jpeg or mix format- but you CAN scroll down to more options including TIF ;)


5 years ago

Hello, can anyone please help me! I've been using Photo Draw 2000 V2 to do some vector graphics and my most recent work will not open due to the size of the file (almost 18MB). I hate to lose the three days of work that I've invested in this project.

I have a PC running Vista Ultimate Service Pack 2, with a AMD Athlon 64 X2 Dual Core Processor 4200+ 2.21 Ghz, 18.0 GB of RAM and a 32 bit OS.

Is there any way to save my project file?

I've tried every suggestion that I've stumbled upon, thus far, online regarding saving it to a jpg file but each time that try to open it the file eats up all of the available memory on one of my two processors, as it tries to render the file and then just sends me an error message. Do I need even more RAM? A vastly faster processor?

Even though I have the Affinity set for both processors, when trying to open the file I notice that it uses the memory of only one of the two processors. I tried to increase the priority. That didn't work. I tried increasing the Virtual Memory for each of my two hard drives, since the program is on one drive and the image is stored on the other drive. That didn't work either.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

Many thanks!


Hi Nobro,
I sympathise with your plight, but I didn't even know PhotoDraw would work with large files (it won't open photos larger than 2500px). Is there any way you can re-size your work in an online program, or has it been saved as a .mix file?
I wish I could help but it's way over my head... hope you can find someone who may be able to offer a solution!

For years I've received errors from Photodraw about not being able to open a .jpg photo when nothing was wrong with it and now I know WHY!! Just tried it on photos larger than 2500px, which I cropped down below, and presto, they work! BIG help! Thanks!

Great, glad it helped! It is a bit of a pain being limited to less than 2500px but it's still big enough for most uses (and to think that used to be a large file!)

I use Outlook as an email program and have found the best way to quickly resize photos is to go to the file location, right click the photo, select "send to" then "mail recipient". A dialogue box will open asking if you want to resize the photo to one of five options: Original, Large, Medium, Small, or Smaller. Select "small" or "medium" and send to yourself. It will be sent in the smaller size. From there just save it to your desk top. This has never failed to reduce photos to a size where I can use them in PhotoDraw and requires no other programs. Glad I found this forum. Been using PhotoDraw since around 2000.

Interesting work-around; thanks for sharing :)

buongiorno a tutti ho trovato il tuo sito web, sono alla ricerca del mio grande PhotoDraw V2. ho cancellato per errore un file e ora non funziona più.

sono contenta che tante persone trovano buono questo programma!!

Senza FD io morta non posso aggiornare il mio sito web

qualcuno è riuscito a farlo funzionare?

Grazie molte ho tanto bisogno, Natale arriva e devo aggiornare la pagina.

tutto compiuto con FD http://www.angelapercaso.net/natale/index.html

Sono anche disposta a pagare se necessario

the photo is too big. Open in Paint, resize it, then you can open it in Photodraw.

che la luce è sempre con voi. buona fortuna !!
Che la luce Sia sempre con te. Tanta fortuna !!



sempre in debito con te



The article is not too lengthy but very concise
and moderate enough to understand the teachings

I would love a free copy if someone has it...I used it for years, loaned out my office set to someone that never returned it. If someone has the disk or can send a zip file I would be forever greatfull

ciao hai trovato qualcuno che ti ha dato il disco? sono disperata non posso più aggiornare il mio sito web. ho perso Photodraw grazie molte.

What a pain! It's always worth backing up CDs; I keep a copy online on case I lose my CDs and my computer crashes (don't trust hard drives). I've sent you a private message...

Hi Vickie,

I installed Photodraw on my new Windows 8 computer (which I'm still taming - I use the old desktop and only a few of the Metro features). Photodraw still works OK but it still asks me to insert Disc 2 at various times, which I ignore (I painstakingly copied all the 'extra' files from the disc into textures etc on my computer). Still can't get 3D etc. Interesting that there is a later version- I'll have to check it out! Do you still have your installation discs from before? I've backed up mine online so if you can't get a copy from MS (I don't think they sell it any more), they may be happy for you to access my backups.

It does work with 8.1? I was told that you couldn't save your work with it on 8.1

I'm having a new computer delivered Wednesday with Windows 8.1. If I can't install them in my new computer I will sell the set for $65.00 and I will ship it free.

hai già venduto il cd? io ho davvero tanto bisogno di photodraw grazie molte

non so come ricevere segnali di risposta da questo forum il mio indirizzo è angelaxcaso@virgilio.it grazie molte

I haven't had any problems at all saving with Windows 8.1... this is what I did on PhotoDraw 2000 yesterday:

Simple Solution to Short Sheets_sd.jpg