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Microsoft XP update KB945432 adds line of code making jpg unusable What's the fix? Answered


What do you mean ~~Flash Gordon approaching~~ by unusable? Give us a bit more detail? L

If the update is in the sender and receiver computers e-mailed jpg and pdf will not open. Uninstall the update from BOTH computers and both jpg and pdf will open. We do not want to do that all the time. There are thousands of computers with this problem and Microsoft is being very coy about the whole issue. One support group had a fix e-mailed to them by Microsoft but the update KB is not downloadable from Microsoft. What gives? Does anyone know?

Have you looked for a fix on the internet?
There's been a lot of discussion about this going back into early 2008, which seems to end in these areas.
Apparently this only affects Mac attachments in Outlook (you could have mentioned that)


I appreciate your reply. I'll check these out...they did not show up during my several searches of the web. Only one thing 'though, Microsoft says only Mac attachments are affected...that is not factual. All of my stuff is created in XP using a 3D CAD system. I do screen captures of the perspective model in various poses, create the pictures in Paint, add text and tooling instructions save as jpg (smaller file sizes) and e-mail the drafts to various clients. The problem did not exist for the past 4 years and none of the stuff was created in Mac....that's why it was not mentioned