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Microwave Transformer To EMP Answered

Hello, my question is simple. If I connect about 3v to a microwave transformer and then to a coil, would it make a efficient EMP wave (shutoff a calculator). I know that I can use a disposable camera, I just am learning different ways to do it. (Sorry for the pic, done with my phone haha)


> If the circle with the +/- in it is your cell, then the switch should be on that side of the circuit, not after the transformer.

> A 1:1 transformer will do nothing for your voltage/field.

> Generating an EMP is a very dodgy thing - if it's enough to kill a calculator, it's enough to kill most other electronic devices within range, and you won't know the range until you switch it on. Be ready to apologise to the rest of your family or the neighbours.

haha ok, the +- is the input (now realizing switch should be there.) And the 1:1 I have no idea where it came from, it's a microwave transformer though. But it will work though?

It will make *a* pulse, but I don't know how big.

if given constant power, will it emit a constant wave?

If you supply it with AC, it will have a constantly-changing magnetic field.

Any waves it emits will be limited to radio frequencies, if the circuit includes an antenna.

(If you're thinking of making a circuit-killing ray-gun, then, no, it won't do that.)