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Midnight Football (soccer) Answered

Me and my friends have just finished GCSEs and have decided to celebrate with some midnight football. We're going to be playing in a Multi Use Games Area, essentially a big cage with a goal at each end. We don't want to floodlight it, and so we're thinking glow sticks on us and around the goals. We need a way to make the football glow or been seen however and this is where you come in. Any ideas?


buy a cheep ball like plastic drill a hole in and put like a tiny flashlight in or get like a flasher toy like from a gumball machine

I've got some glow tape (somewhere) but it only glows for so long. Glow sticks are a bit brighter but rely upon a liquid chemical reaction. I suppose you could inject the fluids into a white vinyl-ball? L

Scotch tape a few LED throwies to the ball.

To stop them being kicked off, stretch a condom or two over the whole ball.

(It will go, although it may take two people to hold the condom open while a third performs the insertion*)

Or buy a cheap yellow plastic ball, cut a slot, insert several throwies and then patch the cut. It only has to last the game.

*No, I can't think of a way of saying that without using a double entendre...

That's interesting. You could get some self-adhesive "glow-in-the-dark" stickers, but you would have to keep stopping to put it under a bright-light. Or, you could tape glow-sticks to it, but that'd affect the way it rolled. Nice idea. L