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Midori no kaaten "Green Curtain" Answered

I just read about an inspiring idea from Japan to lower electricity bills in summer: you mount a wire frame outside the window, plant vines at the bottom, and the vines will grow up the wires, providing shade, a more "organic" feeling, and probably a little more oxygen to the room its shading. This sounds like a GREAT idea! Does anyone know of any fast growing vines that are succulent/lush enough to make this work well?


Right? It sounds like there's a depth of untouched art or other improvements too - arranging the vines to grow to cast interesting shadows, making the wire frame retractable like a reversed garage door (so it'll slide up onto the ceiling to block the sun there and allowing in more light). I'm interested in starting some of those projects, but I just would like input on what people think a good plant would be to use. On that note: Does anyone know if Kudzu would be a good idea? It's a fast growing, EDIBLE, and green leafy vine. I'm just worried about starting something that can't be controlled - I've heard it grows FAST.

best avoid Kudzu, it's a apparently a psycho in the garden. Most creepers will happily grow up poles or wires. We have a really ugly concrete wall up the side of our carport, my mum planted climbing plants along it with sticks, one problem, a bamboo pole leaned back in the wind and now the plant has climbed it and on to the house...


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That's a good idea!