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Miele oven door. How to access the back of the glass door to clean condensate runs Oven model, H 4060BM? Answered


I have a Miele H 5040 BM microwave/ convection oven. How do I remove the door please.

This is really easy to, just did. Unlock hinges (lift locking device towards you and up) close the door until you feel resistance, then lift the door at the angle you stop at.

Put the door outside down on blocks or something so the door handle is off the surface (I put oven mitts on blocks to stop scratching)

Undo the screws behind the handle (handle will drop as you do it)

Undo two screws at bottom edge of door. Lift two parts of door apart, clean both pieces of glass.

Reverse above

It is truly simple, took 15 minutes

Did you read your manual?

alex-yes the manual does not detail technical repairs.

thanks  alan

I looked and could not find anymore than the manual that you probably have.  You're probably going to have to do some tinkering or call a service man/woman out.

Or just live with it.

thanks, after looking careful I solved the problem.  simple, 2 screws and 2 small spring-loaded tabs at the top.  front glass panel off, cleaned and replaced in short order

Ah, tinkering wins again.  Congrats.