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Mind control Answered

I don't know why, but the picture for the robot contest looks like instructables robot mind controlling the rabbit or what ever the creature it is. It makes me think it is a mind control contest when I first saw that picture.


i know many ways of mind control. really i do. i dare you to cross me...if you do well whoooaanelly your in for a ride.

you mean psychological tricks , such as reverse psychology? I actually saw some device that changed the pressure in your ears causing you to shift in certain directions and they connected a remote to it - instant human remote control.

no real mind control. many ways indeed. say what? you can? wow. yes...I can. wow. NOW BOW TO ME!!!!! mwuahahhahahhaahahhahaha cough*

some people have made tiny robots that can enter your bloodstream and alter your neurons and make you parylized and able to be manipulatedddddddddddddsf,s,snfd

check you mail i sent you a message.

thats a human! ohh noooo!