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Mind controlled gadgets? Answered

I was wondering if I could somehow design a simple gadget to detect pulses in your mind to turn a head mounted torch on and off.
     So far, I am thinkng of putting metal pads onto your head, which would be connected to an amplifier of some sort. Since I am trying to detect Beta waves, "varying frequencies that are often associated with active, busy, or anxious thinking and active concentration." The amplified siignals would then be fed into an op amp active bandpass filter, to filter out all except that specific frequency. The output would then go into a switch of some sort. Would this work? Or are there some problems with it.



Best Answer 8 years ago

There are already several such devices on the market, so it's not impossible.  But why?  If you need a solution for turning the torch on or off without using your hands, there are numerous, more reliable, and less complicated solution.  Of course, if you just want to play around with EEG-controllers, this is as good a project as any.

Sure, no problem.

you could by that game that levatates the ball when you concentrate take it apart fin the swith and attach it to a relay

Yeah, you can do this - but it's not cheap or easy.


Cheap (~$150) Beta monitors used to be available from sources such as Edmund Scientific, for use as toys and meditation aids. (The goal there was to see how much you could _lower_ the signal). I suppose the same thing could be done in reverse, but would be hard to control deliberately without a lot of biofeedback training, and even then I'm not convinced it would do what you seem to want it to do.

I think you'd do better with a real switch. Not to mention saving $149.