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Minecraft question... Answered

So, I have a question...
So, I decided to make a new, superflat, creative mode, world. But when I spawned, It spawned me in a snowy forest. I flew up just above the trees, and started flying forward. I passed a small desert, some rolling plains, and then another snowy forest. As I kept flying I saw an abrupt hault in the forest. I stopped flying and walked to the place where everything stopped appearing. Then as I looked down, I was really on a giant cliff- Going in a perfectly straight down drop. I flew one way down the massive wall, and there was a corner, I followed another wall-And then found a corner, and reapeting this process twice more, I ended up in the same spot I was in before. It was a giant cube, sitting on top of a superflat world. With normal biomes, caves just stopping at the edge, and water and lava flowing from it. So my question is: Has anyone had this happen before? And if so, what is it?

(If my description is unclear, see picture.)


That happened to me once! I saw diminds every ware!

Hallo! Lol I love minecraft!

I think it's the extreme edges of the map. Go to the Minecraft Wiki to read up more on extreme edges.


4 years ago

It's happened before to me. It is a chunk error.

I'm pretty sure that is a chunk error they don't happen often, but they do happen. My brother thinks it might be a generation error, either one is a plausible answer.

never happened to me but that is epic. what seed was it?

8830477727652199354. But if this doesn't work then I'm not sure what the seed is.

That's really weird, does the regular land continue generating at the bottom of the cliffs on all sides? With all the hills and trees and lakes and such that we'd expect?

Also wondering what world options you chose, if you played with the game code, loaded mods, etc.

Um, no complicated stuff. It just kind of spawned normally when I was really in superflat. It's kinda just one big block of land, basically sitting on top of a superflat world.