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Mini Maker Faire at Technopolis in Mechelen, Belgium Answered

April 26th and 27th 2014 there is a Mini Maker Faire at Technopolis in  Mechelen, Belgium.
The nearest one yet for me! Yeah!

I'm spreading the word, but I also have a question:
I'm considering to organise workshops on building RC blimps. I will probably go for a variation on my "$13 Blimp" (please check it out if you haven't already).
Making it simpler to build and more robust will raise the materials costs though. The build would take about 2,5 hours in small groups of 4 makers, and I guess the fee (covering the materials cost) would be around 20 EUR (27 USD).

Do you guys and gals think that is reasonable?

Best Wishes



Nice to finally see such a mini maker faire in Belgium. I am quite curious what those mini maker faires are all about.
(But the page is only in Dutch so they don't seem to be aiming for a broad and large amount of visitors/makers. Which is a bitweird considering it is hosted by Technopolis )


At only 4 people per session, you will be massively over-booked. You should think about training a few others to help you, then you could have 10 or 15 people per session, and maybe time to have a look around the rest of the faire yourself.


The number of people in one workshop is limited by the number of blimps that can be flown (or tested during the build) at one time. There are only 4 frequencies available in the micro RC cars I hack to make the blimp controls.

As the range is short, more workshops could run in parallel when having them at least about 20m apart. I will check the possibilities with Technopolis (organizers of the MMF).

(Slaps forehead)

Of course, I forgot about the limited number of RC frequencies!