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Minimum Venturi Diameter?? Answered


I'm trying to make a venturi in an application.
I've run some simulations with success, but as soon as I simulate it with the right scale (4mm diameter inlet of pressure) the simulation doesn't appear to show any venturi effect and the vacuum doesn't work.

Does the venturi effect have any minimum diameter to make it possilbe?
If not, how can I generate vacuum using a 4mm inner diameter tube?



As far as I know, no, there is no lower limit, what you are seeing is probably the result of the granularity of the simulation. What matters is the ratio of inlet to outlet diameters.

So theoretically it should be working just fine as long as I keep the same ratio between all parts of the venturi?

Yes, but if you make it small, you'll inevitably need more pressure to feed it with enough flow rate.