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Miricle berry pills, energey spray and other misc? Answered

Can I make Miricle barry pills/ or energy mouthspray/mints. Without the mint?




Best Answer 8 years ago

  • "Miracle berries" aren't real, they're hype.
  • Energy spray is just sugar, caffeine and water.  Leave the mint out.
  • Energy mints without the energy are just glucose tablets.

What?  Miracle berries don't work?  I've been meaning to try them but never got around to it.

They're just fruit.

None of these miracle foods work as claimed - the reality is that they contain an ingredient which may have benefits if eaten in quantities you cannot achieve by eating the fruit itself.

Are we talking about the same thing?  Miracle Berries contain a certain chemical that makes bitter and sour foods taste sweet.  Eat one miracle berry (or a tablet made from one) first, and then suck a lemon - it'll taste like lemon candy.


The Miracle Berries I know are supposed to prevent cancer, old-age and everything in between by being chock full of anti-oxidants.

Oh no, none of that antioxidant nonsense.

Just fun tasting parties!

Miracle berries work just fine, but only the ones you get from Miracle Max.  And you'd better have a giant on hand to carry you afterward....

long time reader... first time commenting. The mberry pills work and the good news is you don't have to get them from Miracle Max. First one to volunteer to write a flavor tripping "how to" hit me up for some mberry gratis.

@ jeff-o you know what I'm talking about

@ Kiteman those other posers are miracle nothing... but trust me there is no hype here just taste enlightenment :)

Yeah go ahead, just don't sell them with any claims to effects.