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Miss Monica Answered


How many people have been approached by Miss Monica through the Instructables' comments section ?

hello My name is miss monica I am interested in your friendship  . . ..   I am waiting for your mail Remember the distance or color does not matter, but love matter a lot in life . . . etc.

She seems like a polite and delightful young lady: however I didn't dare go onto her website.




Nope, I guess my preoccupation elsewhere has turned me into someone forgotten but not gone.


5 years ago

Unlike the courage of some
I did Not follow the proffered link
when it appeared to me.
But instead ovaled it to spam.

if I wanted porn I would be at a porn sight

"she" is a scammer. got the messgage today

Honestly: I wouldn't.
Those ear-rings for a start, the scraped-back hair, and...? No.
Still, since she hasn't contacted me maybe I'm not her type either.


If you see this please flag it so we can get rid of it.

And there I was thinking thinking I was special!

Someone save us from the evil Miss Bol-Deng.

Oh, a quick google for her email address reveals an interesting topic on an anti-scam website;


I've had three identical invitations to exchange emails so far, but I think the website on her profile links back to Instructables, which is a bit of a spam fail...