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Missing Guitar Inlays? Answered

I inhereted an old acoustic guitar from my uncle that missing a inlay dot, it's like it just fell out one day. :( Any suggestions on filling in the hole or somthing?

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seandogue (author)2011-02-03

Well, you can buy abalone (or plastic that looks like abalone) dots for replacement, or you can have it done at an instrument repair shop. ~Basically~ just glue a new dot in.

If you're any good with tools, you can do it yourself, (you might have to tailor the piece to the hole a little) but....since you're asking, idk. maybe best if you go the repair shop route. Shouldn't cost more than $30 or $40 at a guess.

May I ask what brand and model?

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orksecurity (author)seandogue2011-02-03

Accordion players refer to that plastic as MOTS -- by analogy with "mother-of-pearl", this stands for "mother-of-toilet-seat". (Which was the other major application for that particular plastic, 'way back when.)

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baconrocks (author)seandogue2011-02-03

It's a Texarkana guitar if I remember correctly.... iv'e heard they really suck.... I have no idea what model but it's black. (That really helps doesn't it?)

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seandogue (author)baconrocks2011-02-03

Well, honestly, I'm not familiar with texarkana guitars, so I won't lead you astray with "aw, go ahead and plug it with wood filler"

For all I know, it could be worth a mint, or worth a dime. idk.

I'd suggest that you take it to a local music shop and ask if they can fix and if so, then how much. At that point you can make a better judgement about what you want to put into it. I've replaced abalone inlays before, but the prep of the shell was just a little tricky, sincve I made my own.

Here's a link to a company that sells inlaying supplies for luthiers (guitar makers) They may have pre-made dots just the right size for the hole. Wish I had known way back when I did things like that.


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