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Missing from sitewide update (Nov. 2012) Answered

When the site was updated in November of 2012, certain things were lost.

When reading the Answers section and you scroll to the bottom of the available questions asked, there aren't any additional buttons to allow you to see the "next page". Previously there were numbered buttons and next/end buttons. Since I am looking for something that someone asked a while ago (I happened to find an answer to that particular question), it is not easily found. While I could use search, it would be much easier to step back a couple of pages to find it. Besides, how many questions will now go unanswered because they will never be seen again?

Also within the Answers section, there used to be an "ALL" option that directly took you to 'ibles sorted in the manner selected for the Answers section - in my case it was always set to recent. Now you have to hover over the Explore tab and then you can only sort by "All Featured" or All Recent", or select from subcategories. It went from single click to multi-step. Not as user friendly as it was.

I can deal with the 'ible "ALL" link missing (albeit not happily), but the inability to see "More" of the Answers needs to be addressed.



Thank you for addressing the "anomaly" within the update. One can now see all past questions (Answers) and step through them.


Hmm, that's not right. Thanks for letting us know, we're looking into fixing the Q+A section soon!

Thanks for the attention to this matter, Mike. I know you guys work hard to make our time here a rewarding experience.


I'm glad it wasn't just me this time... When I reported/questioned this before, Jayefuu had a good suggestion that I'll pass onto you.

Add this to the end of the URL on the Q&A page to get to page 2:


Then to get to page 3 (and so on), add increments of 60 (&offset=120, &offset=180).

Its not the best option, but its a temporary work around until they get it fixed.

I played with that some time back, before the changes. The bizarre thing is, it is still in use on other pages! I mean, how hard would it be to put it back? Cut n paste with a touch of code change (or go back to an archived page for it. You did archive the old layout, right?)

I understand that the change is to help make it more streamlined and easier for sitewide changes/updates to be made, but I have to say what I said about Yahoo! changing things a while back. When people get used to doing things a certain way, changing things for the sake of change only serves to p*** people off. "If it ain't broke, don't fix it!" Or is it a sign of the A.D.D. world we live in today? :/


I think it was an honest error of omission. Obviously, stuff happens, but I agree it should be an easy fix. (How quickly they get to it depends on their work load). That being said, I think their intentions to change the site have always been with an effort to make improvements; and hopefully, our collective opinions, (and noting where things perhaps need further improvement) will allow us a better experience. They may also not tell us as often as they could, but they do listen to us! :-)

I will say this for the update, it has resulted in the banishment of the dreaded "IE has stopped responding" (yes, I still use IE.) Therefore, it is a more stable site, so far.

As for how quick they get to it, maybe a 3 minute piece of work? Should be quick, even if it is in the stylesheet. Ok, maybe a few minutes more to make sure it works on all platforms. But if you have it on other pages already, it can't be that hard. Just "Sayan".


Oh, good, it's not just my failing eyes...