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Mobile Browser | Contest paging missing Answered

I was on my droid and using opera mobile browser when i came across a design glitch.
When i get to contest there is no "more" button on the page, means what i am able to see is just the few contest on page.
No next button no more button where i can go to next set of contests

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mikeasaurus (author)2013-01-10

Thanks for letting us know. We don't typically test on Opera, but it should work the same as the other browsers. Being a mobile device there may be an option in your browser that prevents a portion of our page from loading (the 'next' button).

Stay tuned, we are working on a mobile app for Android and iOS which will make your experience much better!

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samalert (author)mikeasaurus2013-01-10

I have checked other browser too and the problem is persistent.
Also checked on default browser of HTC One V but still the problem persists.

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vanweb (author)mikeasaurus2013-01-10

I have the same problem on Safari on an iPhone 5 click contests and I only see the first screen list no next button...

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