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Mobile site profile view Answered

I was directing a friend to my profile page. He had never seen Instructables before and I whatsapp'd him the link. He said he liked my projects and then mentioned some which weren't mine.

Confused, I opened the link I sent him.
On the mobile, obviously the mobile version popped up which goes like 'm.instructables.com/member/...'. In the mobile version, the favourite instructables appear on the top while after scrolling a bit, we come to the instructables which the person has published.

Shouldn't it be the other way round, so the person's instructables appear on top as soon as someone views the profile?


Thanks for your feedback. I've passed this on to our developers.

Thanks. Glad to be of help (in further burdening your programmers with more work :D)

Most people will probably want to browse for other peoples' Instructables and not their own when using the mobile app. If I was to post or edit one of my own Instructables (actually, at this time, I have only the one) I would most likely use a computer.

I think you misunderstood me. I was talking about viewing a person's profile, not Instructable. The profile shows the person's favourites followed by his/her own instructables.