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Mobility scooter maintenance Answered

I have a Monarch Ryder mobility scooter and I need to occasionally pump up the tyres. The problem is that I live by myself and it is very painful for me to bend down low enough to attach the hose to the tyres in order to pump them up. I have been going to my local garage and they have done it for me so far, but I want to be able to do it myself. I have considered investing in a ramp but I have no way of supporting the top end. I did think of getting solid tyres that never need air, but I've been told that this would make the ride very painful for me as every bump would be amplified. Is there any sort of long hose I could permanently attach to each tyre that I could secure higher up on the scooter when I am not using it? Does anyone have any other ideas? 


These suggestions are wonderful. I have been in an electric wheelchair for years and agree totally with what they're saying. But what I would like to contribute is my THRONE project. Take a look at my instructible and let me know what you think. It would be very helpful if you would go to my website (www.theQueensCo.com) and let me know what you think. I have a survey on the website but it has no forms attached. If you could please email me your responses it would be incredibly helpful.


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Don't get me wrong but I think your advertising is getting a bit much...

Thank you for your patience! I truly have no idea of what I'm doing. And forums are just confusing in my mind. But I know I'm doing the right thing, so I'll just keep learning from my mistakes.
As for the tire inflation system that you talked about. That is an incredibly interesting idea. Like I say I have a great start that will only be made better by the doers. If you feel it would be appropriate I would love it if you would comment with this idea on the instructible itself. It may give others a few ideas. The other way you could help is by joining my email list. I don't have money but I have friends. And email addresses count. I promise not to send but a few emails.
Thanks for the the kind advice. I know many forums are not nearly as kind.

I certainly understand your concerns, but please let me explain. I have one hand and my brain that works, that's it for this body. This is what I am working on. It is not a business yet and my motivation is certainly not monetary. I believe that many businesses will be spawned but I certainly have no desire to run them. I truly believe that this type of marketplace can change the world. I know that it will significantly improve my experience. I am truly terrible at explaining this idea but I'm doing my absolute best. I am hoping to find other innovators who can see my vision. I am all alone on this at this point and I am just following recommendations from the instructible staff. I know this idea can change the world and for some reason I've been picked as the one to push it forward. I feel it is truly that important.And hope that you will not find offense at my bungling yet very well meaning attempts.


I respect your limitations and, in fact are quite impressed that you don't let those limitations define your life.
I said "advertising" as I think creating multiple threads for the same topic only causes confusion or everyone.
We will certainly help you with ideas, links and whatever we can come with if required but in multiple threads it becomes very hard to stay on track.
This is especially ture for Instructables as the postings here don't follow normal forum rules so the relation to posting time only exists for a direct reply.
Would be best to have one topic for all so everything is a bit easier to follow.

You tyre problem is defined here in the Wiki.
If you search Google for "central tyre inflation system" or "automatic tyre inflation system" you will get plenty of companies where you check designs - same for the image links provided by Google.
You can upgrade those system with a pressure monitor and remote settings for the tyre pressure.
So for example you set the system to 40PSI for normal road use and with a push of a button lower the pressure to 20PSI for "offroad" use.
I could even think of using a little 4 stroke engine as an addition to battery power or in a tiny form as a mobile generator.

military hummers can air up tires while driving. but it isnt a trivial engineering problem.

cinder blocks are an acceptable support or a ramp, assuming the ramp cant slip off. ~$2 each. but finding a person who can help from time to time is crucial, disability, or not.

I do a bit for our disabled people in town, including Scooter tuning and repairs.
Your tyres should not need to be filled on a regular base.
Either the valves are stuffed or your tubes are too old.
Don't get me wrong a little top up every few month is still normal, but not running flat every few months.
Solid tyres are an option but as you already know they are far from good in terms of being comfortable.
Depending on the age of your tyres I would either replace the tubes and valves or the entire tyre if they are worn anyway.
You can check if loose air through the valves by pumping the tyres up and using some spit on your finger to slightly cover the valve - if a bubble forms the valve is done and dusted.
There are also metal valve caps available in auto shops that have a rubber ring inside - they seal your valve stem even if the valve is badly leaking.

agreed. a tire and tube in good condition can go a really long time without losing air. I've had mixed results with tire slime. Ive only used it when thorns become commonplace. a proper patch or replacing tubes is better, assuming youre not riding over thorns n such.

No idea if this is even possible, but what about modding the scooter by adding a suspension? Then you could have solid tires without being jostled to death by the bumps.

Interesting question! You can't have a hose permanently attached to the tires (yeah, I'm American), unless you want to be driving around a weed-whacker :-)

I looked for "Schrader valve pump extensions" on Google, and most of the hits were for hose extensions, which really wouldn't help you. You'd still have to bend down four times to attach the pump value to each tire.

I did find rigid, screw-on extensions meant for bus or truck tires (e.g., http://www.tyre-equipment.co.uk/acatalog/Rigid_Bra... ). The longest they showed was 14 cm long (bottom of the page). One or more of those (connected in line), would let you screw the far end onto the tire valve without bending over. Then you attach your pump to the near end. If you use some Lok-Tite at the joins, you should be able to unscrew the far end when you're done without the whole thing coming apart.

Another option might be to make a rigid clip yourself. If your pump hose is long enough, you could use a stiff rod like a splint, clipping it to the near and far ends of the pump hose.