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Model Railway Exhib - Conservatory of Flowers - Mini SF Landmarks made of Recycled Materials Answered

There is going to be a Model Railway Exhibition at the Conservatory of Flower in San Francisco's Golden Gate Park. They turned one of the wings into the largest fantasy Model Railroad layout. Landmarks of San Francisco have been built out of Recycled/Repurposed Materials and placed around the layout. It looks really cool.

The Conservatory of Flowers is Recycled Acetate File Folder Tabs, Corrugated Plastic and Chess Pieces for Finials. The Chinatown Gate is out of Mah Jongg Tiles and Dice, Portals of the Past is from Cassette Tapes, the TransAmerica Pyramid had 6000 Computer keys, and Coit Tower has Rulers and Yardsticks. There are more buildings also.

November 20, 2008 - April 19, 2009
Golden Gate Express Exhibition

There is a video at the link and you can read a news story about it.
Model Railway-Conservatory of Flowers

  • San Francisco Chronicle


That is wild sorry I missed this when you posted it :-)

I haven't gone yet but it looks great. I don't know why folks didn't see this. Only 20 views?

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For something like this with multiple pictures, a Slideshow is more appropriate and will garner more attention (it'll show up under Recent I'bles, for example).

I wasn't sure if a slideshow was appropriate for other people's work. I'll take some of my own photos when I go and post a slideshow of them. Thanks

Why not? Its no different than what you've posted above :-) As long as you provide attribution (e.g., with a little "image notes" box in the corner), you're fine. If you have your own pictures to add, so much the better.

Unfortunately, it is on the wrong end of the country for me to actually visit....but it does look quite cool. We have a few places that have smaller displays somewhat like these, but no where near as extensively done