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Modem Ideas anyone? Answered

HayesCentury 2 modem rack

Does anyone have any ideas what I could do with a Hayes century 2 modem RACK. (full of modems) Im not going to toss it...so lets do something cool with it?

What can I do with it to make use of it.
we all know that most use broadband now
so an isp is sort of a non starter...

any other ideas?


Use it as a case for some other electronic project.
Tip it up and use it as a wastepaper backet or magazine rack.
Circuit-bend the modems as sound effects.

There probably is an application for the modems as modems -- not everyone is in reach of broadband, or even DSL, so there are still folks dialing in. Of course many ISPs do still offer a dial-in service for those customers, so I'm not sure there's any way for you to make money from this unless you're _already_ an ISP, but...

Yes +1, those are expen$ive 19' type racks.
orksecurity's garbage idea is a great solution where to keep it,
untill you come up with an idea of how to use the rack in a future ible.