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Modernist Cuisine: WANT! Answered

Modernist Cuisine is finally going to be published on March 14!

As a molecular biology major, chemistry minor, and general molecular gastronomy food geek, this is just about the coolest food book ever.  Of course it's pretty expensive ($625 list, $467 on Amazon), but compare this to the price of five high-level science or engineering textbooks.  It's in the same ballpark.

I'd love to get my hands on this just for the excuse to break out the chemistry equipment!

Check out the blog for recipes. 


However, unlike an engineering text, you can't buy the previous version for $5 from Ebay. ;-)


7 years ago

I didn't know something this wonderful exists. Now I have to weigh two or three tickets to Burning Man. Which would you advise ?

It depends on what you'll use and enjoy!

I've been to burning man several times, while the books are looking shiny and novel. (And something I'd get long-term reference use out of.) So I'd pick books over burning man, but YMMV.

I just did a county wide library search for the books....it looks like they don't carry it (yet) :-) Looks like I need to make a few inquiries....

Yikes! I like experimenting with food too, but that's too rich for my blood! And then there's the equipment & ingredients... Way out of my comfort zone.

Check your local library, or the library in the nearest big city or university - they may have gotten a copy, or you could convince them to do so!

I was in a Chinese restaurant the other day ..I called the waiter and said "Excuse me but this chicken is rubbery" he said "Oh fank you velly much"

At another place I complained the chicken was cold and was told "Well its been dead 2 weeks"

My wife and I saw a sign outside a restaurant, Chicken dinner for two 50cents,

we went in and ordered and they bought us out a plate of corn.

Wow, not much luck finding good restaurants

Have you seen the "hungry scientist" book?   If so, how is it? (probably MUCH different in comparison but I have been thinking about this more affordable one for awhile now but needed someone's opinion of it).

Yes, it was written by a friend of mine, and some of the projects came from Instructables and EMSL. We did run a contest around the book ~2 years ago, and gave away a couple of copies (found on our bookshelves) on Facebook in the last month.

It's a totally different animal. These books focus on how to use science to alter your food in a more basic way; Hungry Scientist is about fun tricks. Stuff like using eggroll wrappers for origami, then deep-frying them.

I see, thank you for bringing me up to speed on that.

Man, I have to start saving up for that...

Yes, I figured this would be right up your alley!
Saving up for this may take a while, though. Kills my cookbook budget for years.

I saw an article on Popular Science where they followed recipe for making "pea butter".

It required an industrial centrifuge...

The PopSci people used a larger model, with tubes of ten times the volume, and they made enough "butter" for a single toast soldier.

So you pool fractions, and recentrifuge. Takes a bit longer, but you can still get a reasonable amount of pea butter if you make all your classes do it.