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Mods on 360 edition? Answered

Hi! I've seen that many youtubers have mods on their P.C. Is there any way to install mods on 360 edition? Thanks!

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Penolopy BulnickBest Answer (author)2017-05-23

I don't have much experience with the 360 version, but it does seem like you can add different mods. You should be able to find mods online (just be careful of the sites and make sure you don't get any viruses) and this video seems to be pretty helpful with putting them on your game:

Hope that helps!

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Henryworks (author)2018-01-29

I don't play 360, but my two trusted websites for mods are: http://mod-minecraft.net/tag/minecraft-1-7-10-mods/page/4/ and http://file-minecraft.com/ . I also find that Curse Forge works well, but I'm more familier with mod-minecraft and file-minecraft (Mod/file-minecraft feel like they were made by the same guy)

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