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Mold for mesh material? Answered

I love, love, love your lessons! You've made a overwhelming task into a really fun adventure! Thanks so much for sharing! I have a question though: I'm trying to make a silicone mold to reproduce a mesh, lacy sheet. Which technique do I use to get the multitude of little holes?

The picture shows what I am trying to reproduce. Can this be done? Thanks again for all your help! Instructables is my go to source to learn how to do life my way!

Warmest regards to you and your compatriots!

Karli Kelley

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Paige RussellBest Answer (author)2017-02-16

Hi Karli,

Thanks for your kind words and class high five! :D

What you want to achieve is totally doable! To best guide you, it would be helpful for me to know what material you want to cast your final pieces in. Once I have this info, I can send some ideas your way.


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If it is a metal mesh, this is what I would do: once set up on a base, brush plaster and use a soft to brush to get the plaste in between and remove the upper coat, Use a wet soft cloth to leave the metal cleaned but the spaces filled with the plaster. You can use vinyl compound used in patching walls too. Clean it properly, use Vaseline on top to pour silicone and later you will see the result.

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