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Monsterbike is a serious bicycle Answered

This video from YouTube user wautur shows off the Monsterbike, a brutal penny-farthing with what looks like a tractor wheel in front. According to his profile, wautur is in the Netherlands, but there's no other info on this one, sadly. Skip to 1:30 to see the bike in action.

Crush All Those Who Stand Before You, The Environmentally Friendly Way.

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kinda awesome (in a totally impractical stupid kinda way). But if your goal is to be noticed, this is just the ticket.

If your goal is to be noticed and actually have a plausible practical bike that could take you somewhere, I'd guess the "penny fakething" would be a better choice.

He may be noticed, but he failed to attract a crowd. Is that the culture of the country he's in or what?

Looks like a test ride right outside his garage. Would love to see some other reactions or see what things he can crush with it.

seriously, he just honked that horn of his way too many times. A 10-year old would be saying "look at me! look at me!"

Yeah Fungus we need to see some car crushing like the monster trucks...

definitely needs a steam engine (though i would imagine that would pretty much negate the whole purpose). it looks like it's a "fixie", i bet he could get it moving a lot better if it were multi-geared instead. it is quite impressive to see a wheel that large that's spoked though.

All he needs now is a basket and those plastic beads that go on the spokes.... a little flare would take this to the next level

Flair? https://www.instructables.com/community/Flame-throwing-scooter/

fast as hell isn't? XD


8 years ago

adding a gear would be good

 Wow. I'd bet you get really awesome calf muscles pedaling that thing!


8 years ago

How can you call that a bicycle? It's a tricycle (we can ignore the fact that it has duals on either side of the rear).

Yeah, that wouldn't work as a bicycle.....one of the things that keeps a bike up is gyroscopic action of the wheels.....that'd have to go SO much faster to achieve that.

It needs a steam engine to add to the wackiness / intimidation factor.  A lot of smoke, steam, and noise would make it great.

It would be even better if the steam engine could power it!

He should put a giant playing card in the front spokes.

 Yes, but can it turn. We want to know. 

Some how I'm assuming the cornering is quite bad...


8 years ago


he needs two tractor tires and an engine. he should also put the other stuff low to lower the center of gravity.


8 years ago

I wonder what the gear ratio is on that thing?  I love it! 

Now to find a tractor tire, hmmm....

It's slow, and probably hard work. He needs an engine...
Mind you it looks unstable too, so maybe not.