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Montana Rusa recreation Update 2 Answered

Here I am with another update of my recreation. The things I have done are support the second drop and built the loop. The train makes it through with a good amount of speed. I think the next bit will definitely be the hardest. Please comment! 

New ball machine lift coming soon!!!



7 years ago

that's awesome!

You do know that it's finished right? :-P


7 years ago

5*, pro... cant wait for the new lift!

When you say pro are you suggesting that I'm a pro micro coaster builder? The new lift will be at least a week.

Thanks! Tell as many people as you can about this coaster!

Killer guide bear AKA Lotso Huggin' Bear!!!!

Lotso huggin' bear AKA Knex foof :-P

lol! just to let you know, the p90 is going fantastic! ill be making accesories aswell because its gonna have a rail... and REALISTIC MAGAZINES!!!

Forgive my small knowledge of guns but what does p90 mean. I'll be looking for it.

lol, look at my p90 (gun) slideshow...

Cool. It looks like you made a comfortable handle. That's what most people should do.

the new one is even better! do what?

Make Comfortable handles.

:-B Please take this rebid beaver as a sign of our friendship. OW! it just scratched me :-P

I wonder how small these boxes can get?

That's awesome, how long is the track?

Do you mean how many track sections? if you do so far I've used 33 track pieces.

Montana Rusa- Rollercoaster in Spanish- nice name

It's a recreation of a real coaster! LOL Yo Hablo espanol. Y tu?