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Monthly Contests Answered

I would like to see monthly or bi-monthly contests with no specific topic. Just a contest for the best instructable in that time period. It's a bummer to publish an instructable but not be eligible for any contests simply due to timing.

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NightHawkInLight (author)2013-01-30

I agree with you Kiteman, I'm sure it would be difficult to judge. Perhaps just a mini contest for each primary category then? Play, food, etc. As for announcing contests ahead of time, that's something I asked for years ago.

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vanweb (author)2013-01-30

If you look back in history of the contest you will see a pattern... some are obvious like Valentines, Halloween & the Holidays contests but others Furniture has happened about the same time of year last year as this year and Snack food is happening again but a few months difference.

What I usually do is collect my instructables content on my computer (or even on the site in draft mode) then when the "perefect storm" of contests come up I publish them. (making sure I look back at the previous year to make sure there was not a more fitting contest that may be occuring). This is not perfect as there are always new special contests but it is better then nothing.

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Kiteman (author)2013-01-30

I can tell you from experience that judging a contest with no theme is very, very hard. How do you decide between a candy recipe and an animatronic wing?


Maybe we just need contest themes announced further in advance, at least in general terms?

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