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Montior to light Box Answered

Hi everyone, Im after some help im trying to turn an old monitor which wasn't working (wasn't powering up) into a light box for art work, but im not sure what to do in terms of powering it. Ive still got the PCB but the one which send the power to the monitor (lights) has a connector that's broke off. Can anyone help? Cheers


Thank for your help, I've taken the "black" LCD screen off leaving the clear glass with the white hexagon pattern also it's lamps rather than LEDs.

One problem is that i no longer than the transformer so would need to find another one. Would i need the large pcb or could i wire it straight on to the smaller one?

You've got two issues here, 1. get the backlight up and running, LEDs that might need a driver circuit or the flourescent tube working. 2. Once it lights up, is the LCD panel in a state where it is all "blocked" out or it is clear and passing light through. Or just take the flat panel case and stick some other kind of light in it.

You could try to just bypass the connector and solder/wire nut those wires together. They should have matching colors or just determine which goes to which when the connector is put together. Once that is done and you fire up the monitor and still no power to the display, examing the circuit board for puffy/melted/corroded capacitors. That seems to be a common cause of failure on LCD panels which can be easily replaced. Good luck.