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Mook Jong construction free standing instructions? Answered

I am looking for information on building a Mook jong(Wooden Dummy). I would need one that is free standing, not wall mounted. Also, where would I buy the needed wood for the body? I am looking for a rather simple plan not one that is complicated. I am not looking to make one of plywood but rather a solid piece of wood. the leg for the Mook Jong confounds me as well.

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bwrussell (author)2012-08-20

1. Search the site using the search bar in the top right corner. Make sure to do more than one search using a mix of keywords and other possible names(Mook Jong, dummy, wooden, freestanding, etc)
2. Check the related links in the side bar to the right. --------->
3. Search google using the same instructions in (1.) Look through more than one page of results.

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FoolishSage (author)2012-08-20

If you google "make wooden dummy" there are plenty of sites, plans and instructions to build one. I'm no expert but this one looks promising: http://www.tigerclawfoundation.org/images/upload_images/woodendummy_plans.pdf

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