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More Spam Answered

Here is the link to a spam post and a spam user account.

Tell me what you think. Is it spam? Or is it legit?



My OB got spamed twice Ive been here sice november

It may not be legit, but it certainly isn't spam. The member created one single copy of the forum topic, and classified it in a reasonably appropriate way (under "jobs and internships").

No fee for employers, no fee for potential employees? Got to wonder how the site makes money...

Check the <a href="http://www.findajobalready.com/support/search"> support section</a> - a bit thin but a couple of interesting bits. Also their terms (UserAgreement) aand the Advertisers section:<br /><em>We have the option to run your ads on the internal site pages and in emails.</em><br /><br />Quantcast estimates: <em>This site reaches approximately 35,412 U.S. monthly people.</em><br /><br />L<br /><br />

LOL, there were days last month where we got that in less than four hours!

For a site that would appear to be SPAMmed (that's how we know about it) I'm not impressed. Did you read the question"Delete my account?"

I'm tired of receiving an email from you every hour saying you've reposted my jobs. You've sent me about 150 emails in the last few days. I've written you emails to STOP, but my emails have gone ignored. I won't ever post a job here again. Your service has been nothing but spam.


It could be very hard to run a website that way...

Looks like a delicious spammich.