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More patches? Answered

According to my "you" page...
Soon, you'll be able to buy or earn more [patches]. For now, wait until next month for your next batch of patches.

Do we get a monthly supply, or does that text need changing?


 I still have 34 left.  Anyone want one?

I'll be your best friend if you give me one!

34? I thought you got 15 when you joined pro...


8 years ago

 i just got pro today, i got 14 left :)

Ha, playing with your new toys, I see.

Lol, it is just nice to use those features again :P

 o haha fonts and all, im doing typewriter for all my comments, but on my newest ibles i used bullets and numbers and symbols, THIS ROCKS!

especially like the new features!

I bought pro got a few and then i ran a contest and the admin gave me 100 free patches......it was awesome!

Oh my, looks as if I have been "behind the times"  sorry about my misinformation in another post on this 

I've been waiting for this a while.



I ran out too.... :D

 Well I have a monthly subscription and when the payment comes through I get two patches. To me it would make more sense if it said.........
Soon, you'll be able to buy or earn more [patches]. For now, wait until your subscription renews for your next batch of patches.

I bought 2 years so i havent run out yet, but i dont get them monthly either

I've always been a little confused on this point, too. I've run out a few times, but then I've requested and received more once or twice. But I don't see any sudden influx of patches at the start of the month - or at least I'm sufficiently unobservant not to notice it if it happens - so I'm not really sure anymore.

Also, while I strongly suspect that we're currently in...ahem...the economic testing phase of patches...so there is no possibility of this happening,  I wish they'd stay the way they are - a certain amount guaranteed and the possibility of getting more for stuff like contests if you ask very nicely. If you make them too dear they'll just fall into disuse. I really can't imagine paying *extra* for more digital patches, to tell you the truth. I'd simply use my alloted patches, then convey my kudos/silly poke/whatever in a pm or comment, same as the Old Times. Just my two cents worth though.

Surely you'd still get the allowance of patches with your subscription, but the more profligate among us could pay for extra patches?  I suspect there would still be the occasional free patches for stuff like the Hallowe'en T-shirt giveaway when you are just being encouraged to use them freely.  Keep the patches moving around, it's good for the economy!

No, I mean I don't want it to get where you can purchase more patches.  I'm with Dr What on this one - I'm not buying any Neopets Money. ;) Give me something I can justify to pay extra for if you're  looking to fundrase.

I would pay for more patches.  Instructables has given me hours of information and enjoyment, and I would not resent making a further fair contribution

 Buying digital patches would be nonsense.  It's like buying currency in neopets, (a horrible idea).  

 Hmmm... I haven't run out yet.

I kinda use them sparingly.