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Moss table provides a green furniture option Answered

These tables by Ayodhyatra are made with a sweet collection of mosses under the glass top. It makes for a really nice piece and and I'm sure if I had a coffee table like this it wouldn't be buried under magazines and books the way my current one is.

No need to worry about maintaining the mosses, either. They're all dried.




3 years ago

How does the dried moss stay so vibrant? Absolutely beautiful!

It's not from an instructable, but there are links to the retailer (though, since it's a commercial product, I doubt they'll give away their secrets...).

Meh, I had to check the link to realise - I haven't memorised the entire membership or anything.

... You haven't?!

My whole worldview lies shattered at my feet now!





very cool.. i wonder what it'd take to make it a live terrarium...

I have a steel frame table with perforated grating in the bottom ready for tile and a backyard full of moss but no green thumb. Thinking of making it into a moss patio table instead of tile--- any pointers, anyone?

If they aren't living, you're probably causing more environmental damage just by having removed them from their natural habitat.

 Question. I don't know much about moss and what is entitle to keep it alive instead of working with dead moss, but would the moss develop molding around and under the wood that is covering the moss within the table. The reason why I'm asking this is because I like this idea but just worried due to my kids and mold.

If you were to try this, I'd just stick with dead moss. No upkeep, no possible mold, no extra smells developing.

What a fantasticaly different furniture idea. As for the posts about keeping it alive, if you read at the very top he says they are all dried mosses - so no problems with condensation either. I don't suppose it would meet with approval from the green lobby if these were made on a commercial scale, but I would love one myself! 

This is a really nice table, but I'm not sure making one out of living moss would be feasable, since the moisture required for the moss would condense all over the glass, making it hard to see what's inside.  Still though, this a really nice table!

after a critical amount of condensation has occured, the surface becomes see through again until a particularly hot day

Oh, I really like moss, I'd love a table with living moss in it - challenge I suppose?


The biggest challenge would be keeping the moss alive.
Mosses don't have vascularized tissue.
This makes environment especially important to the moss, since the environment is going to make sure that the moss gets enough moisture, oxygen, carbon dioxide, and light.
If your vivarium doesn't provide any of those four elements very well, you're moss cullture could fail.

 It would just be like a giant flat terrarium I guess.

If the size of a shadow box was available, but expanded in any way or length, it would just need full thickened or tempered glass, and re installation needs framed and 2*2 solid hardwood, but sealed for leakage.

LEDs and colored lighting, anything under 12v and water tight above, or seperate is moderately safe.

well if the tops clear, than you have light, and you could make special ventalation holes in an inconspicuous area. Plus the staem on the insid would provide it with sufficent moisture im sure.

Living moss? Would it grow and press up againts the glass and ending up looking like a mushy green soup? :)

Moss doesn't grow very big or fast, enough headspace and you'd be fine. I'm thinking of making a test-piece at the weekend (If I can get the materials)


 'Ible i suppose? I may get to it after some research, but i'm sure you'll get to it first!

 it rickrolled you. but now with the copyright killing youtube...
I really should redo it. I've had some fun with non standard black and white QRcode, but where to point it to?


This is cool, but not nearly as a living mossified table...

Wow, that is amazing!

This is very interesting, but for some reason the idea of a sand-garden table comes to mind.

 great website 


8 years ago

this is so cool. you should totally make an ible


8 years ago

It looks outstanding! I'd like to have one in my living room!